Gain access to global marketplace Gain access to global marketplace
Digitally skill your workforce Digitally skill your workforce
Transform business processes Transform business processes

Global Bharat is a program designed to enable Indian MSMEs become globally competitive by equipping them with digital technologies. In association with NASSCOM Foundation, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Pratham InfoTech Foundation, the program further compliments Government of India’s vision to empower MSME sector by providing them access to global marketplace, digital skilling for the workforce and transforming business processes.

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Three Core Pillars of Global Bharat

Global Market Access

Global Market Access

Exclusive access to SAP Ariba Discovery to sign up and sell to potential buyers with goods and services required with no fees till December 31, 2021. The Ariba Network is the largest digital B2B marketplace where more than USD $3.3 trillion in global commerce flows annually. As a Growth Matters Forum member, you can enrol yourself as a supplier and access customers globally.

Skilling The Workforce

Skilling The Workforce

Full access to SAP India’s Code Unnati, a Golden Peacock Award winning digital skilling initiative. Explore over 240 courses on Digital Financial, Soft Skills, Productivity Technologies that will digitally skill your workforce and adapt to the new working environments. The curated courses are available on all android smartphone devices.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Global Bharat brings affordable and accessible enterprise technology for MSMEs. With Bharat ERP you can now adopt SAP’s world class ERP – the Business One Starter Pack on the cloud. Digital transformation will enhance efficiencies for your business while enabling you to provide better products and services to your customers.


More about Global Bharat

Why MSMEs cannot delay an ERP any further?

They are at the forefront of national income contributors in emerging nations. Despite this fact, this sector of businesses has a fair share of challenges to overcome every single day. However, the twists and turns MSMEs face may be different, but the fundamental challenges remain the same.

It might be intriguing for MSMEs to envisage what’s coming as they have never been through that path before. So, they end up with unanticipated roadblocks and intimidating demands difficult to handle.

SAP launches program for MSMEs

Three Core Pillars of Global BharatSAP India has launched a new program to help micro, small and medium enterprises become more competitive globally.

The program, ‘Global Bharat’, will provide MSMEs free access to SAP’s global Ariba Network, as well as offer digital skilling initiatives for the workforce.

Now MSMEs can access SAP India's cloud marketplace Ariba for free

With 80 per cent of SAP's customers in India being from the MSME sector, Deb Deep Sengupta of SAP India said in the past three months the conversation with players in the sector brought out three key short-term issues.

In a bid to help MSMEs in India hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, SAP India has decided to open its cloud-based supply, spend and procurement management platform 'SAP Ariba' to Indian MSMEs for free till the end of the year.

SAP introduces Global Bharat programme to help Indian MSMEs become globally competitive

New Delhi, Jun 29 (PTI) Tech giant SAP India on Monday announced the launch of the Global Bharat programme to equip micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country with digital technologies, to help them become globally more competitive.

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